Dogs + Ice Cream…I’M THERE!  If you’re not familiar with the word Graeter’s you’re living under a rock missing out! No excuses if you don’t live near one either….you can have ice cream shipped to you on dry ice!  So anywho who.  The 1st Thursday of the month is Dog’s Night out at Graeter’s with complimentary Frosty Paws.  Seriously a rocking good time, especially when it’s not 99 degrees outside.

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Bailey did so well considering this was his first social event…although he could use a little leash training!! LOL. just.out.of.reach!!

Sicsa was there with Ellie (not sure if I’m spelling that right) who is currently being fostered.  She’s so calm and beautiful.  It won’t take long before she finds her forever home.  I’ll soon be taking pics of all the adoptable dogs at Sicsa to help aid in finding their forever home.  A long long time ago we adopted a cocker spaniel from Sicsa so they naturally were the first place I turned when moving back to the area.  Please consider checking out all their adoptable dogs and cats HERE!

wouldn’t she make a great fit in your home??

Meet Reo: Lover of not only ice cream, but the container as well.  Labs Rule…as if I had to say that.

Suburban Veterinary Clinic was there with a table full of goodie bags.  If you’re in the market for a great Vet, look no further.  Bailey loved Dr. Protos and didn’t even know he received shots at his puppy appointment a few weeks ago!

inside the goodie bags were Iams Tarter Treats…Bailey disappeared when we gave it to him at home.  I think we found a winner!

Pet Suites of America had frisbees at their table that LJ proudly used as a tray for the other goodies.  I can’t wait to visit Pet Suite…seriously gorgeous facility. I’m continually amazed at the number of pet businesses between Dayton and Cincinnati.

I also met with Ron of Just Fur Potty, seen at the table in the background, who does in-home pet sitting.  They serve Waynesville to Beavercreek and other surrounding areas.  It’s always good to have a reputable doggie sitter in your contacts! Visit their site for more information.

Waiting in line to get ice cream.  Those are some seriously beautiful eyes, Teddy!

loving the mohawk!!

thanks for posing for me…or flirting, either one!

Basil receiving a little assistance…

Athenas and Ares the magnificent duo…

Rocky showing off his smile…

Kudos to the man that stopped his vehicle in the parking lot to tell me I had “great looking kids.”  Yes, sir, I do!  They are such troopers too!

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Aug 03, 2012